Fire Island Grill


Fire Island Bowls
All island bowls are served with rice or noodles, sauteed vegetables, and your choice of a protein.

Customizing your meal is as easy as 1-2-3!

 Choose Your Rice or Noodles
 White Rice
 Brown Rice
 Island Rice
 Island Noodles

Choose Your Flavor
Pineapple Teriyaki – Sweet, with hints of ginger & pineapple
Lava Flow Peanut – Medium heat, exploding with flavor
Spicy Orange – Fresh and tangy
Fire Island Teriyaki – Spiced up a bit!

Choose Your Protein  
Char-Grilled Chicken
Chicken/Steak Combo
Luau Pulled Pork
Char-Grilled Steak 
Blackened Shrimp 
Vegetarian Meal - All  Island Veggies


Tropical Chicken Salads
Hand tossed; with made-from-scratch dressings (You should try them all!)

Volcano Chicken Salad – Our most popular salad: Lettuce Roma tomatoes,

Gorgonzola cheese, toasted pita bread & Sesame-ginger vinaigrette dressing
Mango-Passion Chicken Salad – Lettuce, mango, Gorgonzola cheese, red peppers,

Bermuda onions, toasted pita bread & sweet Mango-passion vinaigrette dressing
Blazing Chicken Caesar Salad - Lettuce with croutons, Asiago cheese, toasted pita bread

& lightly spicy Caesar dressing
Ranch Chicken Salad - Lettuce, Roma tomatoes, corn relish, black beans, red peppers,

Bermuda onions, shredded pepper jack cheese, toasted pita bread, & Fire Island Ranch dressing

Island Platters/Chef’s Specials 
Served with rice, sautéed vegetables, and creamy tropical macaroni salad

Big Kahuna Chicken – Can you ride the big one?
Luau Pulled Pork - Slow roasted for tenderness
Char-Grilled Steak – Great Island flavor 

Chicken & Steak - Two great flavors

Surf & Turf - Surf rider's favorite

Chili Lime Tilapia - Llawai'a Punahele (Fisherman's Favorite)
Blackened Shrimp –  Sautéed to perfection 

North Shore Pipeline Sandwiches 
Served with a creamy tropical macaroni salad, tropical fruit bowl, or chips

Pineapple Chicken Sandwich –pineapple slice, Pepper Jack cheese, lettuce, tomatoes,

Bermuda onion, spicy mayo & teriyaki sauce
Aloha BBQ Chicken Sandwich – Lettuce, tomato, & BBQ sauce
Luau Pulled Pork Sandwich –  slaw, pineapple, spicy mayo & teriyaki sauce
Char-Grilled Steak Sandwich – Bermuda onions & Pepper Jack cheese

Small Islander’s Meals 
Half-sized meals that include a drink for children under 12

Pineapple Teriyaki Bowl – Grilled chicken & fresh vegetables. (Choice rice or noodles)
Macaroni and Cheese –  A kid-sized favorite!