(For Groups of 6 or More)

Pick and Choose from our delicious Bowls or Salads to customize your order for your group.
Pricing will vary based on the protein selection.

All Bowls are served with your choice of rice, fresh sautéed vegetables, and choice of protein.

Protein choices include: Tofu, Chicken, Pulled Pork, Combination Chicken and Steak, Steak or Shrimp.

All Salads are made with our fresh hand-cut greens. Salad choices include Volcano, Mango Passion, Ranch, and Caesar.

All salads can be made with your choice of Tofu, Chicken or Steak.​

*Drinks, Cookies or Hawaiian Rolls can be added to any catering order for an additional cost.

(For Groups of 10 or More)
Pricing will vary based on the protein selection.

This create-your-own-bowl option gives you a true taste of the islands. It comes with your choice of protein, freshly sautéed vegetables, your choice of rice or noodles, any or all of our homemade sauces and our delicious Macaroni Salad.

Your package will include:

Your choice of 2: White, Brown, Island Rice or Island Noodles
Your choice of Protein or any combination of 2: Chicken, Steak, Pulled Pork or Shrimp
Fresh Sautéed Vegetables
Your choice of 2 sauces:  Pineapple Teriyaki, Fire Island Teriyaki, Lava Flow Peanut and Spicy Orange)
Macaroni Salad and/or Volcano Salad
Serving Spoons
Plates, Forks, and Napkins

The Big Island Experience….Starting at $11.49/person

For More Information Contact Us In Store or Online

​Individual Lunches….Starting at $8.29/person

The Lau’ai’ia (Salad)…..Starting at $8.99/person

(For Groups of 10 or More)

Pricing will vary based on the protein selection.

This option gives you the flavors you love Salad Style. This option comes with your choice of any Salad and Protein. 

Dressing can be tossed or served on the side.

Your Package will include:

Your choice of: Volcano, Mango Passion, Ranch or Caesar
Dressing (tossed or on the side)
Your Choice of: Chicken, Steak, Pork or Shrimp 
Serving Spoons
Plates, Forks and Napkins